Liquid Analysis Solutions

– for industrial enterprises
– for water pipes
– for sewage treatment plants

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Our Equipment
Determination of organic compounds in water
Reagent and reagent-free technologies for the determination of organic compounds in waste, drinking and industrial water
Analysis of the composition of water
Reliable measurement of concentrations of metals, phosphorus and nitrogen compounds, total and residual chlorine and other parameters using the most modern methods
Determination of physical and chemical properties of petroleum products
Determination of pour point, fractional composition, viscosity and density of petroleum products in a constant mode to optimize processes
Electrochemical sensors
Insertion and immersion sensors for pH, conductivity, ORP and other parameters for ordinary and aggressive media
About us

LLC “TOS Technologies” is a production engineering company whose main activity is the development and production of modern systems for analyzing water quality: drinking, waste water, water in natural sources and in the production cycle.
Another area of ​​the company’s work is to control the quality of petroleum products and their physical properties, such as fractional composition, pour point, color and many other parameters.
We manufacture and offer various types of analytical systems for continuous automatic process control in production and control of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, surface waters, environmental protection.
Our technologies do not stand still. We are constantly looking for new methods of monitoring and controlling the quality of water and oil products. Thanks to this, we can offer a solution for almost any task. We will be happy to advise you in detail on the possibilities of using our equipment in your production environment.

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